Cerebral Palsy Patient Resources

Dr. Steenblock is a medical innovator who has spent more than forty years doing the sort of in-office exploration and experimentation that drives progress in medical science (including the treatment of cerebral palsy). Conventional doctors follow a cookie cutter approach to doing medicine (i.e., rely on manuals & books that dictate what is best), while innovators use drugs off-label and use established & new therapies in unique ways and combinations.

At Dr. Steenblock’s Personalized Regenerative Medicine Clinic this process is individualized in the sense medical condition & bodily vulnerabilities, deficiencies and such are identified and are “matched” to treatments and combinations of treatments that are most likely to affect healing and restoration. In addition, stem cells are often employed to augment nature’s own internal stem cell repair and restoration mechanisms. This process has greatly benefited children with cerebral palsy. Consider this:

Since 2003, hundreds of children have been treated with pure umbilical cord stem cells as part of research-oriented clinical work in Mexico that Dr. Steenblock participated in, as well as to FDA compliant stem cell-rich bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) treatments done in his clinic in the US (San Clemente, California.) Patient response statistics indicate that over 80% of the children treated have experienced clinical significant improvements in one or more areas of function, often physical and cognitive (Steenblock Research Institute, 2003-present).

In order to help educate and inform those with cerebral palsy and their families, we provide this CP resource page to help them in sorting out what works and what doesn’t or isn’t likely to:

Cerebral Palsy Studies
Cerebral Palsy Patient Testimonials 
Cerebral-Palsy-Assessment Form
Cerebral Palsy Awareness
Cerebral Palsy Treatment
Stem Cells  and Cerebral Palsy
New hope for Cerebral Palsy

If you or someone you know is researching umbilical cord stem cell therapy or BMAC for cerebral palsy, do not settle on any particular program until you’ve first talked with Dr. Steenblock.

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