External Counterpulsation – EECP

External counterpulsation is an FDA approved method Dr. Steenblock uses to treat circulatory conditions such as angina and a whole lot more. Known as “EECP treatments are done using a computer-driven device in which three compressive air cuffs (like big blood pressure cuffs) are wrapped around each leg, one at calf level, another slightly above the knee and the third on the thigh. These are then inflated and deflated in synchronization with his or her cardiac or heart pumping cycle.  During diastole or when the heart fills with blood following a contraction the three sets of air cuffs are inflated in sequence (lower body to upper) which sends blood rushing to the heart. This causes an increase in diastolic blood pressure, the generation of arterial blood flow that is the reverse of what normally occurs and an increase in blood return from veins. The cuffs are all deflated just prior to contraction or systole, which (among other things) brings about a a decrease in ventricular workload and increased cardiac output.

EECP has the near immediate effect of delivering more oxygen to the heart while simultaneously reducing the demand for oxygen by lowering the heart’s work requirements.  Over time it bolsters blood flow through blood vessels that feed the heart. Many doctors refer to this increased blood & oxygen flow as a “natural bypass.”

What Clinical Studies say about EECP:

Clinical studies have demonstrated that ECP/EECP reduces the number and severity of angina episodes. According to published data these effects stick around for months to years after a course of therapy is concluded. One review showed that EECP elicited a significant clinical response in 70-80% of treated patients with refractory angina which lasted for up to 5 years.

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