New Hope for Cerebral Palsy

You may have heard about how adult stem cells like those from bone marrow and especially umbilical cord blood have had a huge impact on cerebral palsy. This is reflected by the on-going work of Duke University pediatric neurology researchers who began treating cerebral palsy in children using cord blood in 2008, and also that of Medical College of Georgia scientists who are now preparing to carry out a clinical study involving forty (40) children with CP.

However, at least five (5) years before either Duke or the Medical College of Georgia embarked on their research, children and infants with CP were being successfully treated with pure cord blood stem cells by Fernando Ramirez, MD and his medical team (in Mexico.)  What these doctors documented was nothing short of amazing. Among the powerful healing accounts that emerged from this body of work:

Seven (7) year old Alyssa B— of NYC was treated in Mexico with pure cord blood stem cells by IV drip. This little girl was struggling with severe spasticity and anorexia due to a profound lack of appetite and resulting refusal to eat, all linked to her CP. Following her treatment Alyssa’s appetite became ravenous and she rapidly gained weight and inches in height. In addition, her longstanding spasticity was reduced and she made impressive gains in bodily functioning that were documented and attested to by New York state licensed physical therapist. Alyssa’s story attracted the attention of ABC’s flagship station in NYC and was the subject of a well-received TV news segment hosted by Kimberley Richardson.

Emily P. was, as her mother Karen put it, so brain damaged she “had no personality” and could say only a few badly garbled words. Two hundred plus (200+) hours of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and just about every conceivable kind of treatment available had resulted in only minor gains in function. Then, following an IV drip treatment with pure cord blood stem cells in Mexico Emily began making very significant gains in her ability to focus, concentrate, and to articulate words (Her vocabulary expanded and she began using complex sentences). She also began holding a crayon and making lines, could count to 24, made jokes, began feeding herself better than ever been true prior to her stem cell treatment, and was able to interact with her siblings (who began describing her as “so cute”). Emily’s parents were so impressed with the gains Emily had made after stem cell therapy, that they brought her back for a second treatment which led to physical gains so great that Emily was able to begin getting about using a walker.

These stories of remarkable turnarounds grew in number with each passing month and begged for a more formal evaluation. This led to the design and execution of a pilot study involving eight (8) children with CP who received injections of pure cord blood stem cells; a study spearheaded by Dr. Ramirez’s chief medical & technical consultant Dr. David Steenblock and a team of researchers at his namesake nonprofit research institute, Steenblock Research Institute (in San Clemente, CA.)

As part of this study improvements were gauged by the children’s parents who kept diaries and used medical and physical therapy check-ups to categorize and quantify change.  Eight out of eight children showed some significant improvements in mobility and/or mental (cognitive) function. Six children (75%) showed improvements in muscle tone, hip movement, leg movement, and much more.  And one little boy named Adam S. who went into study “cortically blind” (due to optic nerve hypoplasia) began tracking objects during the fourth month following his stem The study was published in the journal Medical Hypotheses & Research (Click to access) and was then included in a book coauthored by Dr. Steenblock titled “Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy: The Gift of Healing from Healthy Newborns” (2006, Basic Health Publications).

In the years since that pioneering study the “good news” concerning stem cells and CP has only strengthened.  To-date more than five (5) children with “cortical blindness” have experienced a resolution of their condition, many being so improved that they were subsequently fitted with prescription eyeglasses and begin doing what visually unimpaired children do. And numerous children who were battling seizures experienced a significant reduction in these following their stem cell treatment. A few stopped having seizures altogether.

All told, 70-80% of children with CP (and traumatic brain injury too) treated with pure cord blood stem cells since 2003 have made clinically significant gains in various areas of function.

As great as cord blood stem cells are for cerebral palsy, there are indications that stem cell rich bone marrow may produce even greater results. Recently Dr. Steenblock began treating young people with CP using whole bone marrow, something he pioneered. The response of a teenager named “Emily” (no relation to Emily P. above) to this treatment was nothing short of miraculous, something captured in this videotaped segment:

Watch Emily’s Story Here

There is a lot of talk in the news and on the Internet about the “promise” of adult (nonembryonic) stem cells for cerebral palsy.  For Alyssa B—, Emily P., Adam S—, and teenage Emily that “promise” has surely been realized.

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