Stem Cells and Cerebral Palsy

Our focus is on the use of stem cells for cerebral palsy which has produced impressive improvements. Since 2003, hundreds of children have been treated with stem cells as part of research-oriented clinical programs Dr. Steenblock is a part of here in the US (Southern California) and abroad. Statistics indicate that over 80% have experienced clinical significant improvements in one or more areas of function.

Here in the US, Dr. Steenblock uses stem cell-rich bone marrow aspirate concentrate obtained from the patient’s own body. He is one of the few doctors in the country if not the world offering autologous (→from self) bone marrow stem cell treatments for children.

BMAC fosters repair of damage done to the brain before, during or after birth, thanks to the fact bone marrow stem cells can change into all types of brain cells. It is a procedure which is also completely legal in the US.

Umbilical cord stem cells are still available but before going to Mexico, Panama, China or Thailand for these cells please speak to Dr Steenblock.  The results from bone marrow are often better than with umbilical cord and more cost effective too. Both are very good though and sometimes parents will elect to do both in order to get the best results.

Oftentimes people will run across stem cell clinics that recommend that bone marrow stem cells or umbilical cord stem cells be given into the cerebrospinal fluid by spinal tap. They claim that this gives an overall better clinical result. A German clinic, in fact, promoted this method heavily on the Internet.

We compared their results using the much more dangerous spinal tap or intrathecal (into the cerebrospinal fluid) injection with our simple method of giving the cells intravenously and found that our patients had 10% better results.  The reason for this is that children with cerebral palsy have a much more open blood-brain-barrier than most doctors realize. This “openness” of the blood-brain-barrier starts to decrease and gradually becomes like an adult’s blood-brain-barrier between the ages of 12-14.

Another method we employ is injections of Neupogen® for a few days about two weeks prior to the time of a scheduled bone marrow treatment. This stimulates the release of stem cells from the bone marrow which responds by creating 5 to 10 times more fresh, vigorous stem cells than existed in the marrow prior to this procedure. A small quantity of this stem cell rich and revitalized marrow is then harvested to produce the bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC).

 Dr Steenblock’s first bone marrow treated 16 year old CP patient’s testimony

“After I received the treatment, the stem cells helped almost immediately. I could feel my toes  and was able to move them which I never could. It was truly an amazing experience to be able to move a part of my body that I was never able to move before. I was able to walk heel to toe for the first time in my life. My brain could tell my right hand to make a fist and it would. The stem cells were more active immediately after the treatment. Now, three years later I am nineteen years old and a sophomore in college. I have not done any sort of therapy for my right side, I can still make a fist and wiggle my toes but it is harder for me to do because I haven’t been constantly working with it. The best thing that came from this experience though was the relaxation in my right hand.  Before I did this treatment with Dr. Steenblock, my hand was spastic and tense. It would physically hurt most of the time because it was so tight and it would jerk at random times. I was truly embarrassed by the jerking because it would bring attention to it. No sixteen year old girl wants to draw attention to something that makes her different. After my stem cell treatment, my hand relaxed immensely. This treatment is not a miracle cure but it has made a huge impact on my quality of life.”

The impressive clinical results aside, there are some other things you should know:

(1) Dr. Steenblock’s BMAC treatments typically cost far less than umbilical cord blood and other adult stem cell treatments done abroad.

Consider this: one mother brought her 12 year old CP daughter to Dr. Steenblock for a stem cell treatment. Up to that time the mom stated that she had spent over $350,000.00 on all types of therapy for her daughter. One month after her daughter’s stem cell treatment she had improved far more than during the previous 12 years of daily conventional therapies.

(2) Dr. Steenblock’s BMAC treatments are done in his clinic in southern California. This not only saves people airfare dollars, but also the hassle of flying off to Europe, China or Thailand.

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