Stem Cells & Stem Cell Therapies

You may have read articles and seen televised and posted news segments on stem cells down through the years. But has this left you with a clear understanding of what stem cells are and can do at the therapeutic level? Or have you wound up uncertain or even confused? How about a crash course?

Human cells such as found in mature skin, nerve, liver, heart, lung, intestine, etc. have specialized functions to perform the jobs they have been assigned to do in each of the different tissues of your body. In some ways they can be compared to adult humans since we tend to specialize and become electricians, mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, dentists, physical therapists, doctors, etc. and once trained to be a specialist it is hard to switch to another specialty.  We all start out in life as one “SEED” which is called a “zygote” in a mother’s womb.  This cell is the ultimate and original stem cell from which we each have developed.  That seed very quickly divides and multiplies and splits into a number of cells which quickly begin to make the various specialty tissues of your body (such as skin, nerve, liver, etc.). This process of a cell becoming a specialist is called “DIFFERENTIATION”. Within these different specialty (differentiated) tissues that are formed during your nine month incubation there are a number of seeds similar in many respects to the original seed but have become a little more specialized (differentiated) than the original zygote since these tissue specific seeds are in each of your various organs and tissues to assist in their repair when and if they are ever injured.

Umbilical cord stem cells cannot be used in the USA outside of approved lab & clinical research and to treat a narrow range of conditions approved by the FDA. Bone marrow tissue can be harvested and used to treat patients so long as it is not processed beyond a certain point (The FDA requires that it be “minimally manipulated”).

Dr. Steenblock was an early proponent (1990s) for the use of umbilical cord blood and cord blood stem cells to treat a wide variety of other neurologic and non-neurologic diseases and medical conditions in both children and adults. In 2002 Dr. Steenblock began working closely with highly credentialed physicians  in various clinics in Mexico who agreed to utilize pure cord blood stem cells in conjunction with protocols he developed. As part of this work he helped spearhead a pilot study involving eight children with cerebral palsy treated (in Mexico) with cord blood stem cells during 2004-5 which demonstrated both safety and effectiveness.

Then, starting in 2005 back here in the USA, Dr. Steenblock pioneered the harvesting and infusion of stem cell rich bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) along with FDA approved pharmaceutical stem cell activators to successfully treat a wide range of chronic medical conditions and diseases.

One of the things he discovered is that many older, sedentary and chronically ill people have bone marrow stem cells that tend to be more inactive (senescent) than younger more physically active people. To counter this Dr. Steenblock prods the patient’s bone marrow to make new, more vital stem cells by giving them injections of the FDA approved stem cell mobilizing drug Neupogen® for five (5) consecutive days. How does this work exactly? The mobilization of huge numbers of mostly senescent (poorly functioning/responsive) stem cells from the marrow switches on natural biological processes that result in the production of replacement stem cells. What Dr. Steenblock observed is that in two weeks time this revved up replacement activity has produced upwards of 10 times much more healthy stem cells than were present prior to the Neupogen® injections!

Dr. Steenblock’s work with revitalizing bone marrow stem cells and then harvesting and using BMAC is but one component of his far-reaching and individualized stem cell clinical work. He also created and uses his own all-natural stem cell mobilizer, Stemgevity, plus other therapies that benefit and/or mobilize stem cells. In fact Dr. Steenblock uses more ancillary treatments than most any other clinic to facilitate the production of stem cell growth factors and to prepare the various target organs for the engraftment of the infused or injected stem cells. These treatments include:  hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)

pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, ozone, vitamins, glutathione, lasers, shock wave, infrared, hyperthermia, detoxification with the HOCATT, periodic acceleration, external counter pulsation, ultrasound, hyaluronic acid, methylcobalamin, mannitol, etc.