Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) is characterized by brain and spinal cord motor neuron degeneration that cause progressive weakness and atrophy of the body’s skeletal muscles.  Most sufferers have chronic neck and/or back injuries that have damaged the peri-spinal (around the spine) blood vessels creating a spinal cord that is barely getting enough oxygen.

A primary contributor to ALS is endotoxins from bacteria, yeast and parasites in the intestinal tract that pass into the blood and lymph and finally reach the cerebrospinal fluid. Once in the cerebrospinal fluid these endotoxins are phagocytized (grabbed up) by the microglia that surround the motor neurons. Once these endotoxins get into the microglia they make them “go crazy” and begin churning out a tremendous quantity of noxious chemicals that injure and kill motor neurons. Many other toxic compounds can also enter the body, reach the microglia, and overwhelm them. The goal of our treatment program is to rid the body and intestine of these poison producing bacteria, strengthen and heal the inner lining of the intestines, repair the damaged blood vessels leading into the spinal cord, remove the inflammation within the spinal cord and  support the motor neurons return to health. If followed religiously this program should result in impressive improvements.

The Steenblock Approach is a three week intensive program carried out in the doctor’s office and includes the use of stem cell rich bone marrow (aspirate) to repair the gut, the tissues around the spine and the spinal motor neurons.

To learn more about our approach, please contact us, and continue to use our sites as it presents some of the leading research on diet, foods and supplements that can help reduce the destruction to motor neurons.

In his decades of private practice, Dr Steenblock has established himself as a pioneer in many fields of medicine. From stroke care and acute brain trauma to regenerative and cell-based medicine in the treatment of ALS, Cerebral Palsy and other chronic and degenerative diseases, what has  separated Dr Steenblock from his peers is his unique and comprehensive approach to patient care:

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