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Can Coconut Oil Fight off Yeast Infection

The Problem:
Yeast infections are more common than you know! Especially if you have any kind of chronic illness. When you have a chronic illness, yeast in your gut is almost sure to be there slowly poisoning your body. In particular, it burdens your phagocytic cells and your mitochondria, which are helping to fight it off.

The Resulting Symptoms of Yeast Infections:
*Aches and pains
*Disturbed sleep
*Worsening of your Condition

Chronic Illnesses Affected by Yeast:
*Multiple sclerosis

All of the above conditions are made worse by yeast!
Here is a really interesting article about the benefits of coconut oil to fight off yeast.

If you have a chronic condition and are concerned about yeast. Talk to us today.

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Is Damage from a Stroke Reversible?

The question of whether the brain damage from a stroke can be reversed is a big fat “no” according to conventional doctors. But this line of thought is just plain wrong. The damage caused by a stroke is reversible to a large degree. I know because I have turned stroke damage around in well over a thousand patients to-date. One of my very best stroke turnaround cases was also among my very first. I took an elderly lady who’d had a major stroke and who was comatose and proceeded to reverse the damage almost 100% in 24 hours! In fact, she was fully conscious, able to walk virtually unassisted and was speaking and swallowing, all within a day after leaving a local hospital and undergoing treatments in my clinic. About 90% of patients suffering from a chronic stroke can experience a reversal of their stroke-induced damage, something made possible by the use of the right stem cells in the right doses (oftentimes along with other forms of treatment).