Our focus here is on those leading edge therapies as well as experimental treatments for cerebral palsy; that is, forms of intervention that are helping many cerebral palsy sufferers achieve significant improvements in various areas of function. Dr David Steenblock and Personalized Regenerative Medicine’s mission is to deliver advanced care for chronic and degenerative diseases such as CP, and offer hope to those patients for whom traditional medicine has failed to adequately serve.

 Since 2003, hundreds of children have been treated with stem cells as part of research-oriented clinical programs Dr. Steenblock is a part of here in the US (Southern California.) StemCellMD.Org statistics indicate that over 80% have experienced clinical significant improvements in one or more areas of function.

 “Never give up. Never surrender!” This bit of sage advice actually comes from a delightful 1999 science fiction comedy movie starring Tim Allen titled “Galaxy Quest.” If you happen to have a child with CP you probably had ”Never Give Up! Never Surrender!” or something similar added to your family crest long ago – as your credo. However, you likely also realize that when it comes to private stem cell medicine programs it is tempting to give up on ever being able to cut through all the hype and (ahem) bull cookies so as to arrive at “the best fit.” Don’t despair though because help is available.

 If you or someone you know is looking for effective and personalized stem cell treatment for cerebral palsy, do not settle on any particular program until you’ve first talked with Dr. Steenblock. He is an expert on adult (nonembryonic) stem cells including those from the umbilical cord and has over a decade of experience with their use.

In his decades of private practice, Dr Steenblock has established himself as a pioneer in many fields of medicine. From stroke care and acute brain trauma to regenerative and cell-based medicine in the treatment of Cerebral Palsy. What has  separated Dr Steenblock from his peers is his unique and comprehensive approach to patient care:

Getting the Diagnosis Right
Testing & Assessments
Charting a Personalized Course
Stem Cells and Healing

Please contact us at (949) 367-8870 or use this for more information about Dr Steenblock and his approach to chronic and degenerative disease treatment: