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Be smart. You can fight the virus by boosting your own immunity! Save on Immune Drip & MAH/UVI Therapy and Hocatt Therapy.

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This isn’t the time to take risks with your health. If you want to build strong walls to fight the flu season and any viruses that may come your way you should consider our Immune Drip & MAH/UVI Therapy. We also offer Hocatt Therapy. Both are available at our San Clemente location.

There’s no better time to protect yourself from the flu and other viruses. Our Hocatt Therapy and Immune Drip & MAH/UVI Therapy are proven to strengthen your immune system to fight off any viruses that you may encounter.

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Helps with fighting infections. A fully oxygenated body is better able to eradicate anaerobic (“living without air”) bacteria, and will also enhance the effectiveness of some antibiotics.

Oxygenates ischemic tissue. Breathing oxygen under pressure dissolves O2 into blood plasma which carries it to every tissue and organ, which means parts of the body that have a compromised blood (and thus oxygen) flow get sufficient oxygen.

Promotes “off gassing”. By breathing 100% oxygen under pressure, toxic gases like carbon monoxide are forced out of the blood stream which greatly reduces the damage done by them.

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With over 25+ years of treating patients of all walks of life, we understand the need of a strong immune system.


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