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Welcome to our page dedicated to Stem Cell Therapies.

Here you will find a wide range of education and experiences pertaining this incredible regenerative healing treatment strategy.

We look forward to helping you gain the education and awareness you need to make the most informed decision on the next steps in your treatment strategy.
Adult stem cell treatments are a recent and burgeoning avenue of restorative medicine, and at Personalized Regenerative Medicine, the idea that the scientific community is just beginning to realize the restorative power of stem cells for the treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases makes us very enthusiastic. Stem cells are present in the body to help with tissue development and regeneration; the idea of this treatment is to take stem cells from healthy tissue, and to transfer them over to tissue that has been damaged by disease and/or injury. However, this is just a cursory overlook. To have a thorough understanding of how stem cell therapy could benefit the individual and society as a whole, a person must first have a knowledge of how it works. If you’re intrigued by the possibilities of adult stem cell treatments, don’t hesitate to contact us in San Clemente with whatever questions you may have.
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