Dr. D.M. MD – Florida

How Long? My Front Desk Receptionist! – 1 Month.

Condition? Had Grey Hair Since she was 20.

Successes? My Front Desk Receptionist has had grey hair since she was 20. After taking Stemgevity™ for a month her hair is growing in dark!. It’s amazing to see.

S. L. – California

How Long? 6 Weeks

Condition? In 1997 I had open heart surgery to replace my mitral valve. At that time I also was put on the medication Coumadin a blood thinner for the rest of my life along with monthly blood test to keep my blood at a thin level which also causes me to bruise easily.

Successes? I began to notice the amount of bruising I would receive if my blood was too thin or thick. When I began taking Stemgevity I noticed my bruising was going a away, fearing that Stemgevity was making my blood too thick. I went for a blood test (portime) IT WAS PERFECT! For the first time in 11 years I have no bruising! Stemgevity has made my blood vessels stronger. Also I had a small bladder problem which has also gone away. I feel stronger and can move faster with no pain in my back. Thanks to Dr Rik Wahlrab , Dr Steenblock & Stemgevity™.

T. S. – New Zealand

How Long? Have been using Stemgevity™ for 1 month.

Condition? Spinal Disc protrusion and desiccation causing foraminal stenosis and severe pain.

Successes? Its early days yet, but I’m off all pain meds. I am functioning 90% after being bedridden for six weeks. Every day sees new progress, for example I can now lift and play with my baby daughter, and I’m definitely reordering when these ones (Stemgevity™) run out.

E. S. – California

After breaking my foot, I was suffering from pain and frustrated by my foot not healing for 3 months. I was in a cast and on crutches for 2 months and the last month in a walking cast going to physical therapy 3 times a week. My foot was still not getting better, I was suffering from a great deal of pain and facing potential surgery. This would mean 3 additional months of being non-weight bearing and back in a cast and on crutches.

The thought of being on crutches for 3 more months freaked me out a bit, so I was searching for something that would help me heal my broken foot and reduce the pain. My husband put a bottle of Stemgevity on my night stand and told me to take 3 pills every night before I go to bed. I started on it right away, and within the first 3 days of taking Stemgevity I was walking on my foot without any pain and able to discontinue the physical therapy.

I don’t know what’s in that little bottle that helped speed the healing process but I sure am grateful!

E. M. – Kansas

I am 64 years old and very impressed with Stemgevity after just 1 bottle. Almost immediately after starting on the product, I noticed that I recovered overnight from physical exercise that used to take 2 days. I have had hyperactive oil glands in my nose and cheeks for 40 years that dried up within 2 weeks, and bumps on my forehead that have been there for at least 25 years are rapidly going away. Incredible.

S. L. – California

I’ve had great results with the product. I noticed my gardener was having a lot of hip pain. He told me they want him to have hip replacement surgery. I got a bottle of Stemgevity for him and within a week his hip pain was over 50% better. Additionally, a shoulder problem he was having also has nearly gone away. This stuff is almost miraculous.

Dr. D. H. – England

I have had the most remarkable recovery from poor adrenal function which had plagued me for over a year after carbon monoxide poisoning had upset my system. I had used many supplements to help adrenal function but kept having relapses every time I tried to live a normal life again.

Within two weeks of starting Stemgevity I was able to live a normal life again and my energy level remained sustained in spite of a heavy load of work. I now wonder just how much more benefit I can expect and I shall certainly keep taking it for the moment.

Thank you for this huge improvement in my health.