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Hear What Our Patients Are Saying!

O. G. – Canada

I have followed his research on stem cells and when I heard about Stemgevity, I had to have some. The prevention paid off big time when I was able to come back from severe altitude sickness without any problems. Without the Stemgevity already working in my body, I know the results could have been fatal. I am a healthy 81 years young thanks to Stemgevity. I plan to take It the rest of my life.


S. H. – California

How Long? 1 month

Condition? Fatigue and low stamina

Successes? Less fatigue and increase in stamina

L. C. – California

How Long? About 2 weeks

Condition? Kidney—eyes—better sleep.

Successes? I do sleep very sound now. Need to wait on the other tests from the Doctor visit I have planned. Eye Dr. today said I may have Glaucoma—being tested later ths month for that. I have pressure on a nerve at the back of my eye which is making an indentation on the nerve. Could be high blood pressure or hypertention. If it corrects itself you are the 2nd person that will know.

G. B. – QC

How Long? 3 days

Condition? A.L.S.

Successes? Good results right away… seems to work fine! Eagerly awaiting next few days.

B. M. – California

How Long? 1 month

Condition? I had a heart attack a year ago and also surgery on my back which has left me in so much pain in the morning I can barely walk

Successes? My back doesn’t hurt as much. I can wake up with not as much pain.

S. L. – California

I’ve had great results with the product. I noticed my gardener was having a lot of hip pain. He told me they want him to have hip replacement surgery. I got a bottle of Stemgevity for him and within a week his hip pain was over 50% better. Additionally, a shoulder problem he was having also has nearly gone away. This stuff is almost miraculous.


Dr. D.M. MD – Florida

Successes? My Front Desk Receptionist has had grey hair since she was 20. After taking Stemgevity™ for a month her hair is growing in dark!. It’s amazing to see.


The HBO technicians go far beyond the job of just placing the patients in the hyperbaric chambers. They joke and encourage the patients, helping them see life in the most positive and encouraging light. The laughter and friendship have meant so much.