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Dr. Steenbock’s clinic uses a combination of treatments in a unique approach which he calls “Personalize Regenerative Therapy.” The clinic usually combines multiple therapeutic modalities, including, stem cells (via bone marrow transplant), various medical devices (such as hyperbaric chambers, electrical pulse generator, IV medications (such as chelation) and proprietary nutritional supplements.

Most or all of these therapeutic modalities are given “off-label,” which means that while the drugs and devices are approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration, these therapies have not been approved for your specific disease. Federal law permits physicians to make off label-use of drugs and devices based on their medical judgment.

Dr. Steenbock’s use of these cutting-edge treatments and the combinations is based on his many years treating patients. His treatment approach would not be considered standard or conventional medicine, and are likely not offered any place else in the United States. Many of the diseases which Dr. Steenbock treats, such as ALS and Cerebral Palsy are considered incurable by conventional means.

Dr. Steenbock and his clinic do not and cannot promise to cure or even make better any patient’s disease or medical condition. Despite his best efforts, patients may not respond to his treatment approach, and in some cases, a patient may even get worse. Testimonials and patient stories contained in the web site are examples only and do not mean that a person with the same medical condition will achieve the same, similar or any beneficial result from the treatment.


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