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Dr. Steenblock and his staff use a combination of treatments in a unique approach which he calls “Personalized Regenerative Therapy.” The clinic usually combines multiple therapeutic modalities for detoxification, cleansing and preparation of a person’s tissues for the purpose of regeneration, repair and restoration of the person’s damaged and aged cells, tissues and organs.
True regeneration of tissues generally does NOT occur with the simple process of giving the appropriate type and number of stem cells in the older person. Most all of us as we age and go through life have a great variety of types and amounts of injuries inflicted upon our vital tissues by the normal and some not-so-normal events that occur to us as we go through life. Our vital tissues are damaged by a variety of harmful TOXINS such as heavy metals, hydrocarbons (gas, pesticides), infections, oxidation etc. and these often will interfere with the repair of your tissues since these poisons are still in your tissues and interfere with the repair process. Another very important fact is that aging is controlled by your genes and these genes slowly lose their ability to produce the proper GROWTH FACTORS your body needs for successful regeneration and/or repair of your damaged tissues.
For example, a newborn baby can double their size in one month which indicates that their bodies are loaded with growth factors! On the other hand the 90 year old has less than 1/10 of a percent of these same growth factors which is the reason we all tend to lose muscle and diminish in size as we grow older and older. The inner linings of your blood vessels, lymphatics and gastro-intestinal tract are especially important since these surfaces serve to keep the “BAD” out and to bring the “GOOD” into the body. If these are not functioning well then a variety of diseases and inflammatory processes will begin to damage your internal organs since the immune and blood system will then carry a variety of internal and external poisons throughout your body. Just as growing flowers or vegetables requires good soil, fresh water, the right amount of fertilizer, the right weather, freedom from destructive bugs and lack of trauma so to stem cells require all of these factors to achieve a successful outcome.

Types of Therapies available at Dr Steenblock’s Office
STEM CELLS-are not the standard of care and there are few double blind studies using stem cells for the treatment of most of the diseases that are being treated by stem cells. Thus STEM CELL THERAPY IS CONSIDERED RESEARCH No assurances, guarantees or success in treatment results should be expected. Stem Cell therapy has been likened to the use of other alternative methods of treatment such as hyperbaric oxygen. Both of these therapies have been referred to as “Uncertain” in regard to their final clinical outcomes. In some ways consider stem cell therapy gambling but the odds should be much better than Las Vegas. Insurance generally does NOT pay for stem cells and physicians who claim to be able to bill your insurance for the cost of these treatments should be considered suspicious since the submission of a false claim to an insurance company is against the law.

There are a number of regulatory problems associated with the use of stem cells and the FDA has been trying to work with the pharmaceutical industry to prevent doctors from using a patient’s own stem cells for the treatment of the patient’s own body. This is a real WAR and you as a patient must recognize that the FDA is aligned with the drug companies so that you as a patient will SOME DAY be able to receive stem cells that are safe and effective and will be paid for by your insurance company.

There are many warnings being put out by representatives of both the FDA, the drug companies and other regulatory agents about the lack of safety and the “Wild West Stem Cell Clinics” that are opening daily both here and around the world.
There are problems with some of these clinics and it is a buyer beware type of situation. First look to see if there is a REAL doctor in charge. Most of the clinics are being run by plastic surgeons since they know how to remove fat from a person’s body and with a simple process they can convert this LIPOSUCTION fat into stem cells and give this STROMAL VASCULAR FRACTION back to the patient. Plastic surgeons are highly technical but do not have much if any background in the practice of medicine. Thus you may well get stem cells but since no one checked you out carefully, the doctor may have failed to address some of the factors that need to be corrected before receiving stem cells in order to get the stem cells to engraft, replicate and produce the growth factors to repair your tissues. Dr. Steenblock was the first full time stem cell specialist in the USA and has given stem cells to thousands of patients with no patient complaints. Our website is the site of the ORIGINAL STEM CELL DIET that was crafted by Dr Steenblock and his team. The most important part of the diet is to get enough calories and next is to get enough protein and to avoid toxins.
Dr Steenblock also co-authored the first book on the use of “Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy” in 2006 and is consulted by patients and physicians from around the world for his expertise.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers Ozone, oxygen Intravenous chelation Intravenous vitamin C Intravenous bicarbonate to alkalinize diseased acidotic tissues of cancer patients. Hyperthermia (elevating the body’s temperature in combination with high dose vitamin C is a tremendous invention of Dr Steenblock’s. This combination is great for viruses, bacteria and for immune stimulation. Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy- produces heat at a specific body part to increase blood flow and to enhance the destruction of poisons within the body part that is diseased.

Laser therapies- stem cell stimulating wave lengths, Photodynamic therapies Low Dose Shock Wave therapy- slightly disrupts the tissues so that stem cells can enter into the sick tissues and repair them more completely. Ultrasound therapy- for removal of calcium deposits and vascular calcification. Intermittant Hypoxia= High Altitude Training=ischemic preconditioning HOCATT- a multimodality device in which the patient sits and is treated with a combination of detoxifying agents such as heat, ozone, electrical, ultrasound, oxygen, and infra-red.

Dr Steenblock’s high intensity vibrating bed- These device was created by Dr Steenblock for the controlled injury of weak- old tissues to facilitate the engraftment of stem cells into weak and damaged areas of the older person’s body in order to fix the weak parts. In addition at a higher setting the device disrupts the small blood vessels that supply blood to growing cancer tumors. Rather than use expensive drugs with side effects this device may well produce the same beneficial results as the angiogenesis growth inhibitors that oncologists are using. This should be considered as RESEARCH and not used unless the person’s cancer has already spread throughout the body since the vibration may spread cancer cells throughout the body. Individual cancer cells are easier to treat with standard therapies than the large tumors this treatment is made to be used on.

Most or all of these therapeutic modalities are given “off-label,” which means that while the drugs and devices are approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration, these therapies have not been approved for your specific disease. Federal law permits physicians to make off label-use of drugs and devices based on their medical judgment.

Dr. Steenblock’s use of these cutting-edge treatments and the combinations is based on his many years treating patients. His treatment approach should not be considered standard or conventional medicine, and are likely not offered any place else in the United States. Dr Steenblock was trained as a biochemist, general surgeon and physician and pathologist receiving 6 more years of academic training than the normal general practitioner. In addition since 1978 he has specialized in the evaluation and treatment of patients that have not been able to receive adequate help from the normal physician’s and specialist’s care by searching out and using therapies that are considered ALTERNATIVE or UNCONVENTIONAL OR COMPLEMENTARY OR WHOLISTIC OR NATURAL AND approaches each person from a comprehensive point of view. Many of the diseases which Dr. Steenblock treats, such as ALS and Cerebral Palsy are considered incurable by conventional means. HOWEVER NO CLAIMS FOR CURE ARE MADE BY DR STEENBLOCK NOR HIS STAFF!!!

Dr. Steenblock and his clinic do not and cannot promise to cure or even make better any patient’s disease or medical condition. Despite his best efforts, patients may not respond to his treatment approach, and in some cases, a patient may even get worse. Testimonials and patient stories contained in the web site are examples only and do not mean that a person with the same medical condition will achieve the same, similar or any beneficial result from the treatment.


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